10 Useful Tips For Designing And Decorating The Master Bedroom

In every home the master bedroom is an oasis, a space for relaxation and tranquility. Of course, in order to for that to actually be true, the design and decor of this room needs to be planned accordingly. The strategies one can use are very diverse and very numerous and we’re only going to focus on a few of them. We took some time to find images of master bedrooms that we think are inspiring and defining for the specific design ideas that we’re about to enumerate. Here they all are:

This bedroom makes use of large indoor plants in order to look vibrant and fresh. The greenery also adds color to the room, as the rest of the decor is based on neutrals. The two potted plants frame the bed but are placed some distance away from it as to avoid creating a boxed in feeling.

Something as simple as a mirror can really change a space. That’s especially true in case of small rooms. A small master bedroom can be opened up and made to look and feel more spacious and airy by hanging a mirror on one of the walls. The mirror can either be purely decorative or can also serve a practical purpose, as part of a vanity table setup.

Working with a variety of different textures can be very beneficial. The effect would be a very welcoming and homely space. That’s definitely something to look forward to when decorating the master bedroom. You can add texture to the room through elements such as area rugs, upholstered headboards, wall paneling, accent pillows and throw blankets.

Setting up a small lounge area inside the master bedroom is a really cool idea but of course means the room needs to be sufficiently large. The design of the lounge area can differ in lots of ways. This right here is a pretty opulent setup with a big ornate chandelier at the center. If you prefer something simpler, a cozy armchair or love seat, a small table and a lamp would be enough.

Design and plan your master bedroom in such a way to make it symmetrical. This would add a sense of familiarity to the space and can also work well if the layout of the room is just right. Creating a symmetrical bedroom is very simple. The bed has to be centered against a wall, with a nightstand on each side and matching lamps.

Use warm and neutral colors to make your master bedroom feel inviting and comfortable. Earthy tones are especially great in this case. To avoid creating a monotonous decor, alternate between different nuances and color tones. Mix in a variety of soft textures and of course make sure the lighting is pleasant as well.

There’s also the possibility to want something completely different, something wild and crazy. It could be fun to play with lots of different patterns and various textures and colors. Also, you can add unexpected elements to your design based on things that you like and that define you. What you’ll get is an eclectic mix of details inspired by different styles.

Another good strategy when designing the master bedroom is to make the bed the focal point of the room. You can achieve that with a canopy bed. Add curtains for a full effect and keep the rest of the furniture and decorations simple and neutral.

It’s often said that rooms should be airy and filled with light in order to look and feel pleasant and inviting. However, that’s something you can actually ignore when designing your master bedroom. Go instead for a dark and obscure decor which allows you to rest better. Be careful not to make it too gloomy though.

Lighting in general is very important when designing a master bedroom. You don’t want the room to be too bright as that won’t be very relaxing but it shouldn’t be too dark and gloomy either. A good balance is to have easily accessible night lights on the nightstands as well as a pendant lamp or a ceiling light with moderate brightness.

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