30 Cool Computer Keyboards To Help You Match Your Workspace To Your Decor

We use keyboards daily, but don’t often think about their design. With us for 40-and-over hours a week, their little details can make all the difference. We’ve compiled a list of thirty cool computer keyboards for everyone from the hard-out gamer to the reluctant typist. We’ve found keyboards that are ergonomic; keyboards that are pure laser light; keyboards that look like typewriters; keyboards that don’t need batteries or wires. Whether you’re looking for a fun typing station with LED lights, colour gradients and a half split or something simple, minimalist and non-fussy, take a cheeky gander through our top-notch and varied selection before you next hit the office.


Retro-Style Nintendo SNES-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard: Used to have a SNES? This purple number will bring back memories. Featuring Gaote Blue textile switches, 104 anti-ghosting keys and case accent lighting, its nostalgic form comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


$125BUY IT

Black Mechanical Keyboard With Gradient LED Backlights: Gamers can’t go past this find, the world’s first mechanical keyboard to feature Cherry, Gateron and Kailh hot swap switches. Its sand-blasted aluminium façade and multi-colour LED backlighting can make any gamer go weak at the knees.



Mechanical Keyboard With Round Keys & Multi-Color LEDs: Looking for round keys? Featuring the same multi-colour LEDs, this keyboard features 18 backlit modes and 104, 100% anti-ghost keys.



Mechanical Gaming Keyboard With Wrist Rest: If you’re spending hours gaming, think of your wrists. This ergonomic keyboard boasts a wrist-leaning station (see the circled area), typewriter-inspired keys, multi-colour LED backlights and a phone holder at its back.


$349BUY IT

Mechanical Typewriter-Inspired Keyboard With iPad Stand: The original typewriter-inspired keyboard, this gem is made out of scratch-resistant aluminium with antique-style keycaps. An integrated tablet stand and wireless features take it into the 21st Century.



Compact Multi-Device Mechanical Keyboard With Groove: Want a keyboard you can put to many uses? This mechanical find boasts wireless connectivity, mechanical green switches and high-speed haptic feedback in one portable unit you can store in your bag. An ergonomic groove sits your smartphone or iPad at the ideal angle.



Cute Round-Key Keyboard: Available in black or blue, this small, universal beauty can connect to up to three devices simultaneously, switching between them at a touch of a button. Its two-year battery gives it longevity; OS adaptiveness, ease of use.


$200BUY IT

Logitech Craft Keyboard With Creative Input Dial: Are you a creative working from home? Get the right keyboard for your freelancing needs. This keyboard instantly accesses context-specific functions, letting you move between apps at a touch of the Crown. Keys designed for precision make it easy to type faster.



Minimalist-Style Living Room Illuminated Keyboard With Trackpad: Want less than a computer, but more than a remote control? This minimalist keyboard can wirelessly tune into your TV with handy buttons like mute, volume and scroll. Its sensor detects the amount of light in the room, automatically dimming or brightening its backlights.


$139BUY IT

Cute Mechanical Keyboard With Round Keys: Inspired by classic typewriters, this mechanical keyboard comes in five colours compatible with a Mac’s function keys. Its long-life battery gives you up to three weeks’ of usage from a single charge, while its GATERON switches offer up to 50 million keystrokes.



Solar Keyboard For Mac: Save the planet during your workday. This eco-friendly keyboard gives you at least three months of power – with no wired recharges – in the familiar Mac layout. A concave key cap design feels good to the touch.



Solar Keyboard For PC: Have a PC? Never fear – a solar-powered keyboard for you is also available. Only 1/3 of an inch thick, its ultra-thin design uses concave caps and a wireless receiver.



iClever Backlit Foldable Keyboard: Want another keyboard, but don’t have the room? This full-size keyboard folds three ways. Featuring wireless and wired modes, iOS, Windows and Android compatibility and a colour-changing backlight, it’s the perfect ergonomic design for student or business travellers.



Roll-up Waterproof Silicone Keyboard: Rather roll it up? This silicone design is silent, waterproof and lightweight, using materials non-toxic and odourless. No lunchtime crumbs can stick to this one!


$165BUY IT

Split Keyboard With LED: Take it up a notch and get a keyboard cut in half. This backlit beauty hosts Doubleshot PBT keycaps, an ergonomic key shape, 9 LED backlighting modes and keyboard-bound program layouts.


$319BUY IT

Kinesis Ergonomic Contoured Keyboards: Having problems with typing? Get an ergonomic keyboard that’s best in class. This patented, contoured find positions your hands naturally, with the thumbs centred inwards and digits out to one side. Its keyboard layout is customizable for easy reach, so you won’t have to bend and cause RSI strain. Advantage Palm Pads and Plus Jestik Microfiber Cloth included.


$107BUY IT

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard: Compatible with the Surface Pro 4, Book or Studio, this ergonomic keyboard has a natural arc and slope that works with your hands. A double-cushioned palm rest covered in good-looking Alcantara supports your wrists.



Microsoft Keyboard With Fingerprint Sensor: Ensure no one else can hack into your desktop. Showing off Microsoft’s recent best-in-class design improvements, this sleek-looking keyboard has a hidden fingerprint sensor using Windows Hello biometric authentication. Bluetooth and wireless, it’s compatible with Windows 10 PCs and phones.


$101BUY IT

Wireless Transparent Keyboard: Hate the clunky, black look? This transparent keyboard has got in goin’ on. Made of glass, it features a blue LED backlight for night time, gesture controls for ease. Its waterproof surface is easy to clean and disinfect, making for a more hygienic place to work everyday.



Wooden Bamboo Keyboard: Looking for a more natural material? This bamboo keyboard provides comfortable typing with a wireless connection. Get its matching mouse to complete the look.


$1,424BUY IT

Optimus Popularis Keyboard With Fully Customizable Keys: The Rolls Royce of customisable keyboards, this wide device can be programmed to any language, any symbol and any device you desire. Splash out to own a keyboard bespoke to you.


$190BUY IT

Steampunk-Style Mechanical Keyboard: Complement your steampunk home decor with a keyboard in the style. Showing off a leather top plate, zinc aluminium alloy frame and chrome finish, each piece comes complete with a custom logo plaque. Its mechanical keys are backlit, and can be twisted to adjust to your perfect wrist height.


$180BUY IT

Wood and Metal Keyboard: A wood finish achieves a similar look. A leather top plate and backlit keys polish off this mechanical keyboard, which holds enough battery in one charge to last a full year.


$500BUY IT

The Diviner Victorian-Style Keyboard: Don’t let functionality get in the way of style. The Diviner draws from the Victorian era, with its natural poplar frame, vintage typewriter keys and Roman Ogee pattern edge routing. Hand-stained and varnished in a deep mahogany finish, its four points and corners are accented with acanthus brass, its indicator LEDs with refractive red jewel lenses. Treat yourself to its 50 million-stroke key caps and Cherry MX switches.


$725BUY IT

The Machinist Industrial-Style Keyboard: Rather have a piece for your industrial home decor? The Machinist is just as fancy. Aluminium-framed and propped up by two gear-assembly risers, its black faceplate and hex keys mingle with Cherry MX blue mechanical switches and typewriter keys.


$725BUY IT

Vintage-Style Aviation-Themed Keyboard: Aviation enthusiasts will love this vintage-style keyboard. Brushed aluminium and typewriter-style keys blend with Cherry MX switches and three sapphire blue jewel indicators, creating a cockpit feel.


$1,650BUY IT

Nautical-Themed Seafarer Keyboard: This nautical home decor keyboard is anything but standard. Its gorgeous gold foil illustrations were drawn by historical cartographer Peter Schenk the Elder. Its typewriter-style keys are set on cast brass beside Cherry MX switches on a spiral rod frame. Its cap lettering is fade-poof beside green jewel indicators, providing a feeling of luxury for the avid voyager.


$1,000BUY IT

The Sojourner Premium Luxury Keyboard: We’ve never seen travel-inspired home decor look this good. The last in the line of the Datamancer keyboards, the Sojourner’s steampunk-esque, weathered-look design is made of polished brass. Its typewriter keys and Cherry MX switches are set on Elizabethan-typeface parchment, beside an aged leather face plate with amber jewel indicators.



Futuristic-Style Laser Projection Keyboard: Don’t like the keyboard look? Project yours instead, with a laser light alternative. Bluetooth-compatible and available for Mac and PC, you can adjust its brightness, sensitivity and sound on flat, opaque surfaces.


$332BUY IT

Star Wars-Themed R2D2 Virtual Keyboard: Fans of Star Wars home decor can’t go past this R2D2 projector. His robotic form projects out your office’s virtual keyboard, laser-style.

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