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43 Hanging Chairs And Seats To Get You In The Swing Of Spring

Stylishly suspended from the living room ceiling or from a beam on your porch, hanging chairs are the perfect way to invite tranquility into a hectic day or add a bit of coziness to your backyard escapades. Not sure you have anywhere to mount a hanging chair? No problem! You can still enjoy the bliss of these swaying seats with a self standing design. Not only have we made sure to include a variety of designs in our collection, but we’ve also included something for every style and budget. Whether you crave a Bohemian style hanging chair for the bedroom or an elegant hanging lounger for the patio, we’ve got you covered!


Hanging Macrame Chair: Weave a bit of comfort and Bohemian charm into your home with a hanging macrame chair. With its extra large seat made from 100% cotton you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cloud!



Hanging Macrame Chair With LED Lights: Speaking of clouds, this hanging chair definitely has some heavenly appeal with its soft glow, LED lights. It’s not often that we come across seating with built-in mood lighting.


$120BUY IT

Pink Macrame Saucer Swing Chair: A macrame saucer swing that will add a punch of pink in a pinch to any indoor or outdoor space. Pink not for you? No problem! This chair is also available in Natural, Turquoise, or Navy,


$715BUY IT

Hanging Outdoor Egg Chair With Stand: An egg-cellent chair that is overflowing with comfort and contemporary style. If a ceiling hung design doesn’t work for you, then this freestanding chair is a great option. Not only will it infuse your space with an exotic aesthetic, but it is made from sturdy aluminum, has washable cushions, and ships pre-assembled. 9 cushion colors available.


$374BUY IT

Hanging Wicker Egg Chair With Stand For Outdoors: Another freestanding, hanging egg chair, but this time with a more natural, driftwood finish. The perfect boho chic chair to escape on the patio with a good read.


$536BUY IT

Hanging Woven Wicker Rattan Egg Chair: Its gentle curves, tight weave basket body, and contrasting cushion all contribute to the sleek appeal of this hanging wicker egg chair. A gorgeous mash up of organic style and modern elegance.


$690BUY IT

Swing Wicker Chair: An eye-catching wicker chair that instantly gave us a beachy vibe with its faded grey finish and jute rope ties. This swing wicker chair is well-suited for most homes, but would look especially stunning when paired with beach, southern, or farmhouse decor.


$200BUY IT

Swingasan Luna Star Parchment Hanging Chair: Featuring an airy open-weave back, side compartments for your drink, and a canopy for shade, it is hard to go wrong with this hanging chair. Love the design, but not the color? This chair is also available in Turquoise, Grey, Mocha, and Parchment.


$698BUY IT

Knotted Melati Hanging Chair: Macrame knots create a stunning pattern on this hanging egg chair. With its natural color and aesthetic, it is a great choice for Moroccan or beach decor.


$548BUY IT

White Woven Hanging Chair: Fresh and clean, this white hanging chair provides a soft look for light rooms and a bold contrast for darker spaces. A must if you are looking to embrace jungalow style!


$290BUY IT

Hanging Wicker Papasan Chair: The comfort of a papasan chair paired with the soothing motion of a swing? Yes, please! Cushion included.


$473BUY IT

Tear Drop Style Hanging Chair: You will never find yourself crying over lackluster seating with this tear drop hanging chair. It provides the perfect combo of style and practicality to any patio.


$505BUY IT

Teardrop Resin Wicker Chair: Durable resin wicker weaves itself into the shape of a teardrop to bring us this hanging chair. It is a double seater that will fit two, so it is fantastic for romantic evenings and snuggly mornings.


$320BUY IT

Rainbow Colored Indoor Hanging Chair With Stand: If this is the treasure at the end of the rainbow, we’ll take it! This hanging chair is equally as durable as it is eye-catching with its all-weather wicker and rust-resistant frame.


$199BUY IT

Grey Hanging Chair: Hang out on the porch all day with this grey hanging chair. With its side compartments for your beverage, all you have to do is figure out what you’re drinking!


$525BUY IT

Hanging Rattan Chair: A fun way to experience the comforts of home. This indoor, hanging rattan chair is a must for those that adore fun and natural decor. Also available in White.


$598BUY IT

Bent Rattan Hanging Chair: Bold stripes take this rattan hanging chair to new heights. Paired with a few patterned pillows, it makes quite the modern statement piece.


$1099BUY IT

Indoor Wicker Hanging Chair: Shut out the world for awhile and swing your worries away. This indoor hanging chair creates a place where stress melts away and dreams grow wild.



Kids Hanging Pod Hammock Swing Chair: As adults we get excited about hanging chairs, so you can only imagine how kids feel! Get them the best seating with a pod hammock swing chair. It is affordable, comfortable, and available in multiple colors.



Large Kids Nest Swing Chair: If you have multiple kiddos running around, then this large, nest swing chair is ideal. With the capacity to fit up to three kids, there should be no more fighting over the best seat in the house! Available in Blue or Pink (shown).



Baby Swing Seat: We didn’t forget about the original swing lovers. Make baby’s swing time extra stylish with this wooden horse swing. It is made from eco-friendly and safe materials, plus it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.



Caribbean Style Netted Hanging Chair: Bring the relaxation from the tropics into your home. This netted hanging swing is great to kick your feet up as you enjoy the sun and it will cost you under $100. Available in Blue, Rainbow, Rice White, and Brown (shown).



Large Comfortable Hammock Swing Chair: If you’ve ever fantasized about having your own little cocoon to shut out the world, then you need this swing chair. This extra large chair will envelop your body in pure comfort while the 3 color options will keep your home decor in check. Plus, it comes with an adorable macrame drink holder and offers a lifetime warranty.



Hanging Sky Chair: This chair will keep both your body and your wallet happy with its comfortable design that includes a footrest and ultra-low price tag. It is available in Blue, Green, Red, or Tan (shown).



Hammock Chair With Cushions: Under a tree, on the porch, or in your living room, this chair is sure to encourage a little rest and relaxation with its plush pillows and soft build. Available in Blue or White (shown).



Netted Tree Swing Seat: A tree swing chair that keeps both comfort and fun in mind. A great addition to a backyard playground or a fantastic add to create a quiet escape under a large tree. Comes fully assembled.


$550BUY IT

Luxury Teak Hammock: A combination of quality, comfort, and luxury breathe life into this naturally weather-resistant teak hammock. Its handcrafted with recycled teak dowels that create the perfect pattern to eliminate pressure points.


$1886BUY IT

Hanging Pod Chair: Craving a bit more privacy? This hanging pod chair is all about privacy and comfort with its closed design filled with an abundance of cushions and throw pillows. A stylish lounge spot that will make an eye-catching addition to any space, either indoors or outdoors.


$940BUY IT

Hanging Balloon Chair: Despite being designed over 40 years ago, this balloon chair swing is still as stylish as ever with its glossy white shell and bold red interior. A hanging chair that will give any room a bit of contemporary swing and a pop of color.


$631BUY IT

Clear Hanging Chair: It was crystal clear to us that this hanging chair had to make our list. Not only does its transparent shell make it suitable for a variety of modern interiors, but it is based on the famous Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair. Looking for the original? It can be found here.



Circular Hanging Lounger: Make all the birds jealous with the best nest in town! This highly unique lounger called a “swing nest” creates the perfect reading nook for both children and adults. Plus, it can be used both inside and out.


$340BUY IT

Flying Saucer Chair Hammock with Stand: A place to lounge on the beach in the summer or a place to curl up indoors during the winter, this saucer hanging chair is a versatile option that offers plenty of room and comfort. The ideal place to catch a cat nap, read a book, or watch a movie.


$1980BUY IT

Scandinavian Style Premium Wooden Hanging Chair: A hanging chair that breaks the mold with its unusual wood build and distinct Scandinavian style. Not only is it visually appealing, durable, and easy to assembly, but it even uses the best practices for harvesting raw materials.


$400BUY IT

Swing Chair With Stand And Umbrella: Hot days by the pool just became a whole lot cooler and stylish thanks to this hanging chair with a built-in umbrella and stand. The perfect place to kick back and enjoy a cocktail or magazine.


$184BUY IT

Arc Patio Hammock With Wood Base Stand: Sleek and simple, this free standing hammock with its wooden base will jive with almost any decor style. It is a great addition to the backyard and superb for soaking up a bit of fun and relaxation on warm days.



Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair: ” Dear Diary, I just got the coolest chair for my birthday!” Yup, we are pretty sure that is what she is writing. How could she not be? This hanging chaise lounge chair will become an instant hit with both adults and children alike.


$190BUY IT

Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair With Canopy: Hang out in the shade on the deck or by the pool with this outdoor lounge chair that includes a canopy. A comfortable and affordable option for outdoor leisure that comes in Green, Red Orange, or Teal (shown).


$386BUY IT

Wood Look Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair With Stand: Sleek and elegant, this hanging chaise lounge chair has a natural feel thanks to its wood frame and cream colored cushion. If you are looking for a chair that is sleek and comfortable without overpowering nature’s beauty with bold colors, this chair is a must.


$900BUY IT

Double Swing Chair: Whether you are looking to share a bit of swing time with your sweetheart or just love the idea of extra space, this double swing chair is up to the task. A freestanding hanging seat that can be enjoyed both indoors and out.


$397BUY IT

Hanging Porch Sofa (2 Seater): Another hanging , open weave two seater, but this time with a mountable design. This all wicker swing can seat up to 3 and is perfect for enjoying everything from hot days on the porch to cool evenings under the stars.


$898BUY IT

Hanging Rattan Bench: A rattan swing bench that screams out for a side of fresh squeezed lemonade. Stage with a few throw pillows and blankets for an extra dose of comfort and style.


$219BUY IT

Hanging Porch Swing Seat With Cup Holders: A classic design that never fails. This hanging porch swing is made from kiln-dried, pressure treated pine, has a rollback design that contours your body, and even includes two cup holders.


$1955BUY IT

Swing Sofa with Cushion: The porch swing gets a contemporary update thanks to clean lines, a cream cushion, and warm wood finish. This 1959 design will add some major flair to any porch! Available with a Charcoal or Cream cushion (shown).


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