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Glencoe Interiors, Comfortable Eco Living In Modern Minimalis Style

If looking for another minimalis and natural design, Glencoe interiors can be one of the house interior that successfully combine this both. Located in Venice, California, this home design bring the concept of minimalist design that mix with a choice of natural color. Furthermore, it brings all the earth tones into the house. If want to see how is the result, below are several pictures and information related to Glencoe interiors.

The Living Room

If looking at the living room, it is clearly shown the concept of minimalis design through selecting a simple couch with an abstract painting. The wall paint is white and the roof also get the same color. Therefore, it make the whole room look bright. Furthermore, it also combine with open wide window for a better lightning during the day.

The Bedroom

The concept that develop in the bedroom area also choosing a natural pallet color that combine with bright lighting too. With selecting a wide window design, it will let the sunshine easily break through the bedroom area. The selected furniture also simple with a combination of natural color. While the children bedroom is dominate by pink color that make the entire room feel joy and fresh. Overall, the bedroom area is really comfortable and minimalist.

The Kitchen

The concept in the kitchen area is full with classic selection. It can be seen in the selected kitchen set and the dining set furniture. Therefore, it make this area feel simple but also nice. Plus the wide window surrounding together with a fire pit to make sure a comfortable weather during cold season.

The Bathroom

Looking at the bathroom area, it dominate with glass window in entire room. It also full with bright white color to make the bathroom area look clean. Overall, the bathroom design interior is nice and look beautiful. Not to mention the comfortable bathtub to make the bath sensation is more relaxing and enjoyable.

Those all the pictures taken from Glencoe interiors. Through a good selection of house furniture and overall interior, it can make a house look as great as expected. A nice house interior design will bring a comfortable living and a great concept. Therefore, always make sure to design your house properly. So that in the end, the ambience will be as great as you wish. Such as happening in this project. Excellent! (Source: Marmol Radziner)

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