How a Solar Flagpole Light can Improve the Look of Your Property

If you live in a neighborhood, you may find it hard to keep your home looking as nice as your next door neighbor’s property. Because of this, curb appeal and keeping your yard in order is being coined as “adult peer pressure” on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. While these memes are funny, they are also very true. Many adults feel pressured to keep up with their neighbors when it comes to having a well kept yard and exterior appearance. You may find yourself making improvements, only to be ‘one-upped’ by your neighbor. So, what can you do to be unique and stay ahead of the competition in a subtle way? This article will provide some helpful ideas for how you can improve the look of your property by investing in one of 7 of this years top products rated by ecotality, such as a solar flagpole light.


  • Create Ambiance.

When you illuminate the exterior of your home with proper lighting, you are creating a feeling of warmth when someone views your home from the street. Creating a warm glow with little effort through a solar flagpole light is unobtrusive and will provide the desired impact while also helping to reduce your carbon footprint by using solar instead of electricity. Using a solar flagpole light is easy to maintain, affordable, and can provide a major improvement in your curb appeal without draining your bank account. When you do so, you are being a responsible citizen by helping the environment while you are also providing much needed light to the area of your yard where you will fly your flag with pride.

  • Show Your Patriotism

If you live in the United States of America, there are days throughout the year that are celebrated as they represent freedom and appreciation for those who have served in the military. If you live in the USA, you probably own an American flag that you fly proudly outside of your home. It is culturally inappropriate to fly an American flag throughout the night without it being lit up. A great way to keep a light on your flag throughout the night while staying on a budget is to invest in a solar flagpole light. Doing so will ensure that your beloved flag is lit up when it is dark outside. 

  • Hue Matters.

You may find a great deal on a solar flagpole light but if the light is bright yellow or a blinding white, you will most likely want to consider another hue. The reason for this is that the color and lumens count makes a massive difference in the look and feel of how your home appears while being illuminated by the light. Because you want to improve the look of your home, we suggest using a solar flagpole light that is not overpowering or bright. A flagpole light that provides enough of a light to showcase your flag in the dark will do just fine.


If you are patriotic or you want to provide exterior illumination of your property in a subtle way, investing in a solar flagpole light is a smart and economical way to accomplish your goal.

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