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A canopy bed is just what a bedroom needs to stand out and to look spectacular. Canopy beds have been around for centuries and their role was initially utilitarian. The curtains that enclose the bed were meant to offer privacy but today they’re purely decorative, as the entire frame of the bed is for that matter. Modern canopy beds are not that different from those that old Victorian houses used to have but they do look outstanding. If you’re interesting in ways to style a canopy bed, we have a few ideas that you might really like.

High ceilings and canopy beds go hand in hand, as proven in this post from borninteriors. Minimalism is key in this case and as you can see the curtains are not part of the design. Still, the minimalist frame alone is enough to give this bed a really cool and stylish look.

Now that’s a truly supercanopy bed. It has a very authentic, handmade feel to it which lets us believe it wouldn’t actually be very difficult to build something like this from scratch. Instead of traditional curtains there’s white fabric casually draped over the bed frame with fairy lights and palm tree leaves intertwined. Follow tinypartments for more inspiring ideas like this one.

Continuing on the same note, check out this other extraordinary canopy bed shared by onetribeapparel. It has a tropical-themed design and uses greenery instead of the traditional fabric curtains.

Although simple and very basic, this canopy bed from kerfandburled definitely doesn’t lack character. Its design is versatile and once again relies on the frame alone, without any curtains of any kind or any alternatives.

There are plenty of ways to style a canopy bed without making it too complicated. This one shared by artisticinteriordesign is a great example. Its design is very simple but also very elegant. We really like how well it coordinates with the rest of the furniture in the room and also artistic touch added by the framed artwork above the headboard.

Another nice example is this minimalist canopy bed. It has a minimalist and slender frame with a golden finish which coordinates nicely with the hanging pendant lamp at the center of the room. Check out mrbrownhome for more inspiring ideas.

Can you believe how slender this canopy bed frame is? It looks super sleek and has a graphical design which helps the bed stand out while being as simple and as un-intrusive as possible. There’s no need for any embellishments in this case. Follow olivegreyavenue for more details and ideas.

Once again a very simple canopy bed frame with no curtains and no embellishments was exactly what this bedroom needed to look modern and trendy without being too mainstream.  This beautiful design is shared by hiaslyhome.

Of course, there’s something really charming about canopy beds with curtains and this is a perfect example that shows why that is. The combination of slender black lines that make up the frame of the bed and the soft and light curtains in an almost see-through white is exquisite. Follow designinspo_bysuruchee for more inspiration.

Here’s another great way to style a modern canopy bed. This one has a wooden frame with a really nice finish which adds a warm touch to the whole room. When paired with other natural colors and materials it creates a very comfortable and welcoming ambiance. This is a combo shared by nest.out.west.

Seeing how canopy beds are generally quite large and overpowering, especially for a small bedroom, it’s a good idea to opt for a very simple and slender frame like the one featured here. To avoid creating a setup that’s too industrial, complement the bed with a soft area rug and of course some comfy mattress. Let this post from whatmatinwore be your source of inspiration.

Can you believe there’s a canopy bed in this tiny bedroom? It actually doesn’t look overwhelming at all and it’s all thanks to the extremely thin and slender frame. We love the little golden details on the frame and the handing pendant lamp that seems to be complementing the bed in just the right way. This is a little something shared by laurenchristinehenno.

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