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Luxury Home with Spectacular Views Of Ipanema Beach

The RS apartment, created by architects at Studio Arthur Casas, is a seasonal home that’s blessed with a 360º view of the beautiful Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro. It is these terrific views that shape the layout of space, where most of the rooms are arranged to hug the perimeter and soak up the panorama. Five suites, plus an open plan living room with dining area are all located around a centrally placed entryway. The 520 square metre interior has been given a clean and minimalist aesthetic, spiced with cozy and lively touches. It was important to the homeowner that the apartment should provide a friendly and welcoming feel in which to receive family friends.

Photographer: Filippo Bamberghi

We start off in a living room with a spectacular view of Ipanema beach, where the coastal scene appears to have inspired an interior colour palette of deep blue and sandy beige. Flat white walls fall way from focus to let the soothing panorama take over.


Heavy tree trunk coffee tables stand solidly at the centre of the living room. A vase of fronds make a lush leafy green accent to freshen the scheme.


A number of modern sofas and armchairs define the border of the luxurious living room in the open plan space, all settled around the outer edge of a light beige area rug. Despite an underlying vibe of modern minimalism, the lively furniture selection evokes a cosy and friendly atmosphere that is full of life. The furniture is a mix of national and internationally sourced pieces, with a number of designs by Arthur Casas–such as the Amorfa table, Belly lampshade, and Willys sideboard.


Simple lines ensure the sofas placed in front of the windows do not obscure, or distract from, the privileged view.


Dual aspect windows wrap the living room with sights of Ipanema beach. Travertine Navona stone flooring flows with the soft palette of the space.


Splashes of blue come in ceramics and a Delfino armchair. The blue accent chair also makes a comfortable reading chair by the window, and with the addition of a matching gold stem floor lamp for evening time.


Oak brings areas of visual warmth amongst the light neutrals.


A Carlito Carvalhosa painting adds another beat of vibrant blue.


Below the painting, the sandy coloured Scandinavian style chair is the Flag Halyard by Hans Wegner for PP Møbler.


Frameless and white, the guest bathroom door goes almost unnoticed in the white living room wall…


… But inside the cloakroom, a unique bathroom sink certainly stands out. Its natural rock form nods to the eruptions of rugged rockface across the coastal view. A sleek and modern chrome tap perfectly juxtaposes the rough and rustic nature of the basin.


The stunning living room presents an ideal area in which to gather guests.


A floating sideboard runs behind the largest sofa in the room and a wooden side table.


Two cobalt blue decorative vases add a vibrant touch to a light coloured sideboard.


The large room runs around in a wide L-shape, with the dining room tucked around the bend.


A black sputnik chandelier hangs above an enormous organic shaped dining table, where at least eight diners can be seated.


Another row of blue vases line up along a side shelf, which is set into a natural stone wall treatment.


Through the core entryway of the home, a smaller snug is tucked away from the hustle and bustle.


A unique floor lamp stands on branch-like legs by a small settee.


Between the welcome lounge and the dining room, another sitting area fills the elbow of the L-shaped space. A sofa table splits the room along the back of the couch here, and a unique coffee table settles on another beige area rug.


A decorative bowl and a stone table lamp top the long table. On the ceiling we can see tracks for a long and discrete sliding door that provides intimacy to each side of the living room when closed, and reveals a grander space when opened.


Wooden candlesticks decorate the unique coffee table, along with a matching wooden bowl.


The tan lounge chair and footstool set in the window complements rich wood toned elements in the room.


The superview from the lounge chair.


Inside a shallow window nook there is a majestic chair carved from driftwood, which sits softly with the ocean scene.


Waves lap against the shore directly below.


In the master suite, the minimalist bedroom scheme incorporates a home workspace behind the headboard.


A designer table lamp sits atop each end of the chunky headboard, where bedside shelves are built-in.


The depth of the headboard forms the desk for the home workspace behind, where a tan swivel chair sits by one of the bedroom windows.


White marble fills a glass wall ensuite bathroom.


Bathtub views bring in the seaside.


Opposite the foot of the bed, a wall mounted storage unit runs the width of the room. A large glass vase and a black and white photographic print provide crisp decoration.


In the second bedroom, a modern wall sconce is mounted right onto the headboard. Which floats against a wood panelled wall.


A desk stands separately to the bed this time, teamed with an unusual floor lamp.


A slick white marble vanity is custom fit into the bathroom.


The last bathroom is decorated in a high contrast design.


Modern towel rails descend from the ceiling.


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