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Luxury Modern Living In Grey And Gold

Luxury and class exude from every millimetre of this 149 square metre apartment in Saint Petersburg, Russia, designed and visualised by Idol Design. Each room is a detailed composition of high-end pieces, with plush soft furnishings and designer lighting solutions. A sophisticated palette of powder greys and gold elements paint a smooth colour story that runs right through from the modern living area and glossy hallway design, to the decor of two stunning bedrooms and two fabulous marble covered bathrooms. In fact, marble is a main player in every area of the home to really ramp up the level of luxe, whilst introducing freeform pattern to feature walls and floors.

The open and airy luxury living room is a polished ensemble of designer pieces, brought together inside one colour palette with complete finesse. The grey walls and curtains draw powder grey shades down the vertical planes, whilst black anchors cross the baseline of the scheme. A black border encapsules the ceiling space, and a stretch of marble sends a storm of black and white across the back wall.


Behind the refined lounge area lies an elegant kitchen with a dining island. The flooring changes here to mark to transition of purpose, halting light wood chevrons to give way to hardy grey tiles.


To the side of the designer sofa in the lounge, two black and gold accent chairs stand as though in guard of a glass wine store. Black marble travels the width of the TV wall, mirroring the marble backsplash in the kitchen that’s on the opposite side of the room.


A gold unit slices through the seat cushions of the modern sofa, forming a convenient side table and magazine storage nook. Golden hued scatter cushions complement the precious metallic addition.


A glossy hallway runs the length of the living room, defined by its tile floor and stunning lighting solutions that integrate with sleek ceiling recesses and textured wall panels.


Low level lighting stretches along the length of the hall too, making a runway toward a dramatic bust sculpture.


Bespoke storage furniture occupies the opposite end of the hallway to the art exhibit. A seat has been built between the storage cabinet and the wall near the entry door, and it’s here that a tall mirror stretches to the ceiling. Soft lighting exaggerates every line of the custom hallway furniture design, including a small set of recessed display shelves so that the home entryway may be suitably adorned.


Divinely delicate mesh dining pendant lights have an almost supernatural presence over the kitchen island with their translucent quality.


A tinted glass vase makes a simple yet classy table centrepiece, holding dried botanics. The arrangement works beautifully with the natural vein in the marble backsplash behind.


Up on the raised prep area of the kitchen island, a modern fruit bowl set with marble bases add chic and practical decoration.


A chairs for sale online” title=”32 Comfortable Reading Chairs To Help You Get Lost In Your Literary World”>comfortable reading chair and a plant stand furnish the covered balcony area. More indoor plants grow from stone pockets installed up the height of the wall, which include ambient lighting strips.


The other end of the covered balcony is set with a round dining table, and green chairs that match the plant life.


A beautiful teapot has a regular spot in the centre of the marble dining table.


The first luxury bedroom we find is alive with the heavily marbled pattern of an illuminated headboard feature wall. Two designer bedside table lamps adds to the lighting scheme.


Two modern wall sconces brighten the area around a suave swivel chair and side tables.


A glassy TV wall bounces the light.


Every surface and every plane is clad in a different texture and edged with gold.


A dressing table and vanity mirrors descend from the ceiling near the window.


Copper legs cradle a square vanity seat cushion.


The vanity table and mirrors inside the luxury bathroom have a similar connection with the ceiling line.


Copper faucets bring out the base tone in the marble double sink bathroom vanity shelf.


Grey marble engulfs the shower area. Warm illumination spills down the back of it.


The bath tub looks fit for a queen, set into a thick marble slab base, and surrounded by the same.


A grey toilet and bidet set blend with their grey marbled area.


Storage cabinets are built in above the concealed cistern block to give a sleek level finish that is also a wise use of the vertical space available.


The second stunning bedroom sees the introduction of rich maroon, used over an exquisite bed.


The headboard feature wall has a rustic clay texture, but is fronted with smooth glass and golden strips. Wardrobes adjacent to the bed have matching gold edging and decorative plates.


A smoked glass TV mount reflects the unique headboard wall treatment.


Golden touches add panache to the dressing table and vanity mirror.


Despite its size, this small bathroom is maxed out on luxury. Every bit of the same care applied to the design of the larger rooms applies here too.


The unique bathroom sink is a black glass pedestal design, paired with a freestanding tap.


A tall vanity mirror towers to the ceiling. A black toilet balances out the black basin.


Grey marble brings texture to the shower enclosure, which is fitted with a square rainfall showerhead and ambient lighting for a relaxing shower experience.


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