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Modern Bathroom Shower Ideas In The Context Of Stylish Interiors

The bathroom is in no way the focal point of any home but it definitely has a lot of potential for becoming a beautiful space that stands out. This may seem a bit odd to some as the bathroom shower is something we often take for granted, but there’s a lot to think about when setting this up and designing the space around it. With that in mind, we’ve selected a bunch of interesting interiors to share with you today. They showcase a variety of different bathroom shower ideas which have been implemented in all sorts of inspiring ways.

This right here is a space designed by Birgitte Pearce. The entire house is characterized by a multitude of patterns and accent colors which help to make each individual space look and feel special. For a bathroom, a black and white color palette was chosen. The walk-in shower features a combination of white subway tiles on the walls with a black wall niche and a black floor. The metal and glass pane door has a slightly industrial vibe.

A warm and neutral palette was chosen for this rather small bathroom inside a townhouse designed by studio Barlow & Barlow. The herringbone tile pattern extends on all the walls, including the walk-in shower which has a niche built into one of its walls. The shower also has a raised floor and transparent glass dividers with golden accents. This allows the bathroom to look bright airy in spite of its small footprint.

There’s definitely a country chic vibe all over this bathroom. The space is part of an Edwardian villa and, as you can see, including both a shower and a tub. The style of the decor is eclectic, combining vintage and antique little details with modern elements. We really like the little accent table/ stool in the shower and the patterned area rug. They really make this space come together and feel relaxing and homely.{found on skonahem}.

This is one of the bathroom within a resort designed by mode:lina studio. It combines modern and traditional elements in a very harmonious manner. This black and white bathroom has a walk-in shower separated by glass doors from the rest of the space. The common wall is covered in white subway tiles with beveled edges and is adjacent to a black covered with larger-scale flat tiles. It’s a look that we can definitely feel inspired by.

Large bathrooms such as this one are always spectacular. The minimalist and contemporary design approach is especially alluring in this case. The shower area is especially interesting as it’s not clearly delineated or placed against the wall as in most cases. Instead, it’s this clear glass box that acts as a divider. This bathroom design was created by Anderman Architects for an apartment in Tel Aviv.

For this particular bathroom studio formzero chose a green, spa-like approach. The shower is encased in glass and is connected to an open outdoor section, like a mini courtyard. The glass door allows the natural light to enter the bathroom and also gives the interior area a very breezy and tropical look.

White marble looks superin the bathroom and was used here extensively. The walk-in shower occupies a corner area and is encased in transparent glass with very little visible hardware. The marble-tiled walls and floor extend into the shower, giving the entire bathroom a very cohesive appearance. This is a design created by studio Bourgeois / Lechasseur architectes.

The minimalistic design approach chosen for this bathroom by ZOOI design seems to really work. What makes this bathroom look and feel so natural has to do in part with the layout. The fact that the walk-in shower has its own section at the back of the room gives the space a very clean look. Also, all the different textures and finishes create a homely and inviting decor throughout the entire area.

Concrete and wood are the two main materials featured throughout this entire mountain retreat designed by Architekturkollektiv null17. You can see them here displayed side by side. the bathroom is all grey and has a very minimal and linear look. The shower area is placed behind a concrete divider but remain exposed to the adjacent area due to the glass walls.

Small bathroom showers have their charm as well. They fit nicely in corners and it helps to have glass walls and doors in order to give the room an airy and more spacious appearance. Here the shower area is a focal point and stands out from the rest of the decor. The enclosure has a geometric, angular design that avoids curves and adds a traditional vibe to the room. The blue and grey accents are complemented by warm and neutral tones and thus the bathroom looks like a very welcoming and homely space.

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