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Stylish Ways To Turn Dining Tables Into Statement Pieces

The dining area is one of those spaces that have tons of potential but don’t really stand out in the context of the entire home. If you’re having trouble coming up with a design concept for the space, you’re not alone in your struggles. We’re hoping to offer you the much needed inspiration by showing you below some of our favorite dining area setups. At the center of each one is a dining table and it’s important to take some time and make sure you pick the right one because it will become the backbone of this entire project.

This dining area designed by Lucinda Loya is very rich in details but remains rather simple in terms of furnishings and layout. A big round table takes center stage. Around it 8 elegant yellow chairs complete the circle, turning this section into the focal point of the room. Another very important element here is the large chandelier which is looking spectacular.

A rectangular dining table is better suited for small areas and would look and fit nicely in just about any home. This one has a simple and modern design with gently curving edges and a slender silhouette. The chairs are a perfect match and the light-colored wooden floor allows the furniture to stand out. Of course, all that would look rather ordinary and boring without the eye-catching accent wall, the large mirror and the charming dining room centerpieces. This colorful kitchen was designed by Nicole Watts.

In a modern dining room a more casual and relaxed ambiance is to be expected. In order to actually capture this in the design of the space you can opt for an oval table and a combination of different seating options. One side of the table could have comfortable armchairs and the other could feature a bench or a sectional. Complement the setup with stylish pendant lamps. This particular dining area designed by Studio DB also has a mural which inspires a very zen ambiance.

For this dining room interior designer Robert Stilin chose a selection of vintage furnishings which ultimately serve to create a warm and welcoming ambiance and a homely decor. Everything revolves around the dining table which has a round top and can accommodate up to ten people. The seating arrangement is rather interesting. There are seven dining chairs, all with dark blue upholstered seats and they’re complemented by a bench nicely centered in front of the windows.

Interior designer Shelby Girard have this dining room a very glamorous and edgy look. The glass dining table is definitely a bold choice. It allows the area rug and the chairs to be visible and helps to maintain a breezy and airy ambiance in the room. The black and white sections of the walls add a timeless and classic twist to the decor. There’s also some cool-looking dining room art that completes the space along with that glamorous chandelier that’s hanging above the table.

Sometimes a more casual dining setup is preferred over a classic dining room simply because it makes sense in the context of the home. A nice example is this beautiful area created by ID8 Design Studio.  It’s a nook placed in the continuation of the kitchen and has a simple table with a pedestal base and bench seating on three sides. Two vintage dining chairs complete the setup. There’s not much else going on here and that’s great because unnecessary details tend to make a space seem cluttered.

This is a very fresh-looking dining room, with a simple and slender table of generous proportions and two types of chairs. There’s also a lot of greenery in this room and the focal point is a series of open shelves divided into small sections, each able to hold one or two potted plants.

The design of this dining area is radically different from everything else we’ve seen so far. First of all, the dark color palette is unusual but seems to suit the space very well. The black chairs are cute and bulky, the wooden table has a live edge top. The coolest element however is the organically-shaped and oversized pendant lamp. The dining table decor, although simple, is very charming as well.

Oval dining tables are a nice hybrid between rectangular and round, being both practical and interesting-looking. The shape suits this dining nook perfectly, being a nice example of the quite common dining table with bench combo. The area is nicely framed by the windows, bookshelf and artwork. The combination of bench seating and individual chairs offers diversity and creates a more dynamic display.

Interior designer Sofía Aspe moved the focal point of this dining room away from the furniture and created a gallery wall decorated with a variety of different circular mirrors with frames of different shapes and sizes. The entire space has an artistic vibe and the hanging light fixture stands out in its own stylish way.

This dining room is as simple and as charming as they get. It has a very authentic vibe thanks to the bulky wood table. As you might be able to tell, this is part of a beach house and there’s a breezy, coastal vibe throughout. The glass pane windows and doors let in the sunlight and expose the room to the beautiful outdoor areas. The muted color palette used indoors allows the views to stand out more and to become the focal point of the decor. This was a project by MStudio.

An earthy and sophisticated palette was chosen by designer Corinne Mathern for this dining room. Simple geometric shapes and clean lines and angles were preferred instead of the more organic approach. The dining table is particularly interesting, featuring two large slabs along the sides instead of the regular base. They’re taller than the tabletop and frame the entire dining space along with the area rug.

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